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This is a basic list of garage locations and their ID's used by Grand Theft Auto III, as supported in Liberty Unleashed.

IDGarageScript ConstantLocation
1Safe-house GaragePORTLAND_HIDEOUT_GARAGERed Light District, Portland
2Import/Export GaragePORTLAND_IE_GARAGEPortland Harbor, Portland
38-Ball Autos Bomb Shop GaragePORTLAND_BOMBSHOP_GARAGEHarwood, Portland
4Pay 'n' Spray GaragePORTLAND_PAYNSPRAY_GARAGERed Light District, Portland
5Salvatore's Mansion GarageSALVATORES_GARAGESaint Mark's, Portland
6Securicar GarageSECURICAR_GARAGEPortland Harbor, Portland
7Luigi's Lockup GarageLUIGIS_LOCKUP_GARAGEPortland View, Portland
8Safe-house GarageSTAUNTON_HIDEOUT_GARAGEBelleville Park, Staunton Island
98-Ball Autos Bomb Shop GarageSTAUNTON_BOMBSHOP_GARAGENewport, Staunton Island
10Pay 'n' Spray GarageSTAUNTON_PAYNSPRAY_GARAGENewport, Staunton Island
11Ray's Lockup GarageRAY_LOCKUP_GARAGEBedford Point, Staunton Island
12Witness Security House GarageWITSEC_HOUSE_GARAGENewport, Staunton Island
13Kenji's Lockup GarageKENJI_LOCKUP_GARAGENewport, Staunton Island
14Columbian Cartel Garage #1COLUMBIAN_GARAGE_1Aspatria, Staunton Island
15Columbian Cartel Garage #2COLUMBIAN_GARAGE_2Aspatria, Staunton Island
16Columbian Cartel Garage #3COLUMBIAN_GARAGE_3Aspatria, Staunton Island
17Columbian Cartel Garage #4COLUMBIAN_GARAGE_4Aspatria, Staunton Island
18Columbian Cartel Garage #5COLUMBIAN_GARAGE_5Aspatria, Staunton Island
19Yardie Lockup GarageYARDIE_LOCKUP_GARAGENewport, Staunton Island
20Safe-house GarageSHORESIDE_HIDEOUT_GARAGEWichita Gardens, Shoreside Vale
21Pay 'n' Spray GarageSSV_PAYNSPRAY_GARAGEPike Creek, Shoreside Vale
228-Ball Autos Bomb Shop GarageSSV_BOMBSHOP_GARAGEPike Creek, Shoreside Vale
23Import/Export GarageSHORESIDE_IE_GARAGEPike Creek, Shoreside Vale
24Hoods Defusal GarageHOODS_DEFUSAL_GARAGESaint Mark's, Portland
25Drop-off GaragePLATINUM_DROPOFF_GARAGEPike Creek, Shoreside Vale
26Donald Love's GarageDONALD_LOVES_STASH_GARAGEPike Creek, Shoreside Vale
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