Session Limit Policy

By default LUNet allows 3 simultaneous connections from a single IP address. This limit can be increased if certain criteria are met.

Reasons for session limit increase

LUNet is specialized in GTA multiplayer echo channels, hence top priority will be given to GTA echo bots. Make sure the session limit you request corresponds your needs and server player counts, excessive echo bots will be interpreted as idle bots (see Network Rules/Bots). For example, a private test server does not need more than one echo bot to function properly.

Other than echo bots, legitimate usage can be other kinds of bots with useful tasks (away bots, trivias etc), bouncers and multiple normal IRC clients from one connection.

When requesting an increase, do not ask extra sessions for 'future use'. Session limits will be increased on need basis only.


The IP address you want the session limit increase for must be a static IP. Non-static IP addresses can not have permanent session limit increases. In special cases however the limit can be increased temporarily (max. one week) for good reasons.


It is the increase requester's responsibility to ensure that all clients connecting from the IP with increased limit fully adhere to LUNet's network rules and to this policy. Failure to do so may result in all clients connecting from the IP being banned, along with revocation of the increase.

Requesting a session limit increase

Before requesting a session limit increase you must first agree with the session limit policy. After you have read and understood the policy, join the network help channel #help and provide the following info for the staff:

  • The IP address you want the increase for.
  • Reason. Why do you need the session limit increase?
  • Requested session limit. Be honest, a number too high will result in denying your request.

The LUNet staff reserves the right to deny your session limit increase request if they feel these criteria are not met. If the session limit increase is not fully used for a longer time period the LUNet staff reserves the right to decrease the limit or reset it back to default without any warning.

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