Network Rules

In order to connect to LUNet IRC network you need to agree with the following rules:


Flooding the servers or other users is strictly forbidden. Flooding includes large amounts of text or CTCPs, but also joining and parting channels rapidly or excessive and unrequired nick changing which disrupt usual channel activities can be interpreted as flooding.


Spamming and/or mass advertising your website, channel, product etc. in channels or personal messages is forbidden. A link on the channel topic or quit message is fine.

Racism and discrimination

Racism and/or other forms of discrimination (of a person or a group of people) is forbidden - we believe in freedom of speech, as long as it remains within certain limits.


If a ban has been placed on you, that means you are not allowed to join the channel (or a server/whole network) in question. Evading bans are strictly forbidden, your IP changing or a different connection does not mean you have been unbanned. Channel bans are managed by channel operators, do not ask an IRC operator to unban you.

Disallowed and illegal material

Distributing or requesting disallowed material is forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to: warez (illegal copies of software, music, films), multiplayer cheats and malicious programs (trojans, viruses etc). Pornographic material is forbidden in major network channels, whether it is forbidden in other channels is up to channel owners.


Connecting bots which break these rules to LUNet are forbidden. This includes idlebots as well (bots used to boost channel user counts without real functionality - BotServ bots excluded).


* Impersonating IRC staff or anyone else is forbidden.
* Taking over a channel is forbidden. Channel takeover does not cover you giving the ownership away, or freeop channels (everyone gets ops).

These rules are enforced by channel operators and the LUNet staff. Both channel operators and staff members are affected by these rules as well. Failure to abide by the rules will result in removing the user from the channel or network (kick/ban/kill) or shunning the user, either temporarily or permanently.

Channel operators control their own channels whereas staff members (IRCops) control the whole network. The LUNet staff does not interfere with individual channels, so do not ask an ICRop to unban you from a channel for example. If you have a problem or you need help in enforcing the rules, please join #help.

Remember that these rules are just guidelines. The LUNet staff reserves the right to take action on matters not listed here.

These rules can change without warning so please check back often.

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