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Squirrel modules are extensions for server-side scripting. These modules can provide new functions and constants that aren't available in the server itself. There are a few official modules included with the server package, as well as third-party modules created by the community. If you want to use modules for your servers, you must download the module and load it using the Squirrel function LoadModule.

Module SDK

Liberty Unleashed offers an effective SDK to write Squirrel-based modules. Using the SDK you can access every native Squirrel API function. With these functions it is possible to compile scripts, call functions, manipulate data and extend the Squirrel virtual machine.

Download the SDK from here.

List of Squirrel modules

This is a list of official Squirrel modules for the Liberty Unleashed server. They are included with the server package.

The following are third-party modules written for Liberty Unleashed by the community.

The following are third-party modules written from others sources.

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