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This is a list of known bugs/problems found in the client or server. If you find an issue not listed here please report it using our bug tracker. Be sure to check that the problem has not yet been reported, and select the correct project (Liberty Unleashed).


  • Throwable weapons sometimes vanish when a remote player throws them
  • Too many explosions in a small area may cause a crash
  • 1st person weapons sometimes don't fire
  • Players sometimes don't take damage when aiming in 1st person
  • Remote players don't set on fire, but do take damage
  • Players are unable to aim vertically for a few seconds on respawning
  • Animations may get 'stuck' on idle remote players when teleporting to them
  • Vehicle sirens dont work properly in Liberty Unleashed - Sirens may get activated for all nearby vehicles, due to desync
  • Warping into vehicles can result in a crash upon exiting the vehicle
  • Sometimes if you teleport a vehicle to you, can be invisible and crash
  • Since version, the client will crash when receiving sound files - This will be fixed soon. For the moment, server owners should remove sound files.


  • Using certain scripting functions which call another function/event may not fire in the same script they were called in - (Example: setting Player.Health should call onPlayerHealthChange)
  • Server crashes after it has been started

This can happen if you have modified the shared data files located in LU/ folder and they don't correspond with the GTA format. Try using unmodified data files from a clean GTA installation or try loading the server without any GTA data files.

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