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Liberty Unleashed is a multiplayer mod for GTA3. It was created due to the lack of any advanced GTA3 multiplayer modifications available.


Download the client installer here and launch it. When prompted to choose the install location, choose your GTA3 folder unless it's already selected.

After completing the installation and launching the server browser the first time it will ask your GTA3 location. Select this folder and you're ready to play.


These are the default controls assigned for Liberty Unleashed. They can be modified with /bind.

  • T - Chat
  • Tab - Show scoreboard
  • ` - Show console
  • F4 - Toggle spawnscreen
  • F5 - Enable/disable chatbox
  • F6 - Show network statistics
  • F12 - Take a screenshot

Spawn Screen

  • Left/Right - Select class
  • Control - Spawn

Console Commands

You can open the console by pressing ` , then use a command by typing it with its parameters and then pressing enter. All the commands can be used via the chatbox as well by prefixing them with a slash ( / ).

General Commands

  • commands - Displays a list of commands
  • say <message> - Sends a chat message to the server
  • quit, q, exit - Exits the game
  • disconnect - Disconnects from the server
  • reconnect - Reconnects to the current server
  • widescreen <on/off> - Sets the game to widescreen and applies a fix for aiming
  • bind - Binds a key to a funcion.
  • districtnames <on/off> - Enables/disables district names.
  • vehiclenames <on/off> - Enables/disables vehicle names.

GUI Commands

  • guilod <level> - Changes the Level Of Detail in the GUI
  • chatpos <x> <y> - Moves the chatbox to the given X and Y coordinates
  • chatwidth <width> - Sets the chatbox width
  • chatback <on/off> - Enables/disables the chatbox background
  • chatlines <lines> - Sets how many lines are used in the chatbox
  • chattextsize <size> - Sets the size of the text in the chatbox
  • chatbackcolour < R > < G > < B > - Sets the chatbox background color.
  • chatfont <fontname> - Sets the font to be used in the chatbox
  • consolepos <x> <y> - Moves the console to the given X and Y coordinates
  • consolewidth <width> - Sets the console width
  • consolelines <lines> - Sets how many lines are used in the console
  • consoletextsize <size> - Sets the size of the text in the console

Launch Arguments

Liberty Unleashed supports a variety of additional launch arguments for the browser. These are:

  • /Tab-Favs - Display the Favourites tab on launch
  • /Tab-Internet - Display the Internet tab on launch
  • /Tab-Official - Display the Official tab on launch
  • /Tab-History - Display the History tab on launch
  • /Tab-Lan - Display the LAN tab on launch
  • /Win-Settings - Display the Settings window on launch
  • /Win-Help - Open the support website
  • -noupdate - Do not automatically check for updates
  • -hook - Launch Liberty Unleashed when the server browser is started (use together with -ip and -port)
  • -ip - Sets the IP of the server to connect to
  • -port - Sets the server port

lu:// protocol

Liberty Unleashed adds support for lu:// protocol which lets you connect a server or add a server to your favourites from a web browser. The syntax is as follows:

  • lu://addfav/<ip>:<port> - Add a server to your favourites list (example: lu://addfav/
  • lu://connect/<ip>:<port> - Connects to a server (example: lu://connect/

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