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Script info
Name Forces Beginner Scripts
Version 1
Author Force
Website Not available
Download link Here



To use this script make sure you do the following;

Place a copy of the SQUIRREL VC-MP Server.exe in this folder. Make sure that <script>FBS.nut</script> is in your server.conf file. Run the server and the scripts will automatically load.

If you wish to set different levels for commands, open up CommandList.ini and change the values from inside that file.


This script has all the basic features that you will need for a simple deathmatch server, Vehicle HP Hackers will be auto-banned. There is also a handy little !gotoloc and !saveloc script for you to use. The max admin level in the scripts is 5, recommended levels are;

1 = Registered 2 = Mini-Moderator 3 = Moderator 4 = Admin 5 = Owner

The "Hashes" folder is a required part of the scripts, do not remove it.


These are the commands that can be used in the server, in order from lowest level required to highest

Command Level Required Description Usage
goto 1 Teleports the user to another player !goto <player name/player id>
stat/stats 1 Shows the user his/her kills/deaths !stat / !stats <player name/player id> (if only !stat or !stats is typed; the command user's stats are shown.)
nogoto 1 Stops players from teleporting to you. /c nogoto <on/off>
stat 1 Enables/Disables players stats /c stat <on/off>
acmds 2 Displays the administrative commands that can be used. /c acmds
ann/announce 2 Sends a message to a player or all players in announce format /c ann / /c announce <nick/id/all>
sw 2 Sets ingame weather. /c sw <weather id>
settime 2 Sets ingame time /c settime <hour> <minute> EXAMPLE: /c settime 12 00
get 2 Teleports a player to the command user /c get <player name/id>
getip 2 Gets the ip address of a player /c getip <player name/id>
alias 2 Gets the different ingame names used by a player on their ip address /c alias <player name/id>
freeze 3 Revokes ingame controls from a player until you unfreeze them. /c freeze <player name/id>
unfreeze 3 Restores ingame controls to a previously frozen player. /c unfreeze <player name/id>
mute 3 Disables the ability to chat for a player ingame. /c mute <player name/id>
unmute 3 Re-Enables the ability to chat for a previously muted player ingame. /c unmute <player name/id>
kick 3 Removes a player from the server. /c kick <player name/id> <reason>
ban 3 Removes a player from the server and prevents them from rejoining until you unban them. /c ban <player> <reason>
unban 3 Lifts a ban on a specific ip address. /c unban <ip>
setlevel 4 Sets the administrative command level for a player ingame. /c setlevel <player name/id> <level>
spawn 4 Spawns a vehicle near the command user. /c spawn <vehicle id>
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