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== Real Life ==
== Real Life ==
VRocker is known to live in England. He also loves his darling Sarah very much :)
VRocker is known to live in England.

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[edit] The nickname

Derived from one of the Vice City Radio Station names in the famous game; Grand Theft Auto Vice City, the nickname VRocker comes from VRock, a radio station dedicated to playing the latest rock songs in the 1980s.

[edit] Liberty Unleashed Developer

A very experienced C++ programmer, VRocker has been exploring the structure and code of the games; Grand Theft Auto 3 and Grand Theft Auto Vice City to create a perfect and free multiplayer modification for the public.

[edit] Online Life

Mostly idles on LUNet IRC in various channels, attempting to keep the peace.

[edit] Real Life

VRocker is known to live in England.

This user is a Liberty Unleashed developer.
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