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=== Version 0.1 (25/10/2010) === <!--T:1-->
=== Version 0.1 (25/10/2010) === <!--T:1-->
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* Fixed being able to load client scripts when you shouldn't be (now shouts about checksum mismatch)
* Fixed being able to load client scripts when you shouldn't be (now shouts about checksum mismatch)
* Fixed BF Injection crash (again)
* Fixed BF Injection crash (again)

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Version 0.1 (25/10/2010)

  • Initial release as version

Update (26/10/2010)

  • Fixed the browser listing players multiple times in the playerlist
  • Hooked up the Help & Support in the browser to open your web browser to the forums
  • Fixed the most annoying 0x4E4C5b crash

Update (28/10/2010)

  • Fixed the radio not working unless you pause atleast once
  • Fixed a couple of internal LU crashes
  • Fixed the speedo vanishing when somebody dies
  • Fixed the updater not working for some people
  • Fixed a bug in island control
  • Fixed a server crash when setting some values on start
  • Added the updater to the server. Future updates will automatically apply
  • Fixed a bug with clientside checkpoints and spheres
  • Fixed players falling through the map on some spawnscreens
  • Fixed tab auto complete on coloured names
  • Fixed a bug with pickup virtual worlds
  • Fixed ShakeCamera
  • Added an About dialog to the browser
  • Hopefully fixed a crash in the linux server
  • Added the modules to the linux server

Update (29/10/2010)

  • Fixed wanted level being set when shooting a player with a cop skin
  • Hopefully fixed passengers being thrown out of very fast moving vehicles
  • Fixed the Linux server crashing due to certain scripting functions
  • Updated serverside Squirrel version
  • Fixed a bug in putting player to a vehicle (Player.Vehicle)
  • Fixed an updater bug

Update (09/11/2010)

  • Fixed a bug in the server where running it in a folder with accent characters would fail to open any files
  • Reduced the likelihood of file sending stalling
  • Hopefully fixed an issue where vehicles wouldn't spawn for players
  • Added a scrollbar to the LU browser
  • Updated UAC to include collision files, gta3.dat and object.dat
  • Fixed a bug with vehicle virtual worlds
  • Fixed clientside GetVehicleID
  • Fixed some server time related bugs
  • Fixed vehicle engine stopping/starting
  • Optimised checkpoint and sphere code, these changes include custom RGB colours for spheres and radar blip removal
  • Added Player.Velocity setting to clientside scripts
  • Fixed cash increasing when hitting another car
  • Removed built in /kill command
  • Optimised internal code a bit

Update (09/11/2010)

  • Fixed major crash stopping players joining servers

Update (10/11/2010)

  • Changed how sounds are handled. Now they need to be opened and closed by the script
  • Added a colour picker to the browser for the nickname
  • Added more error messages on scripts
  • Added setting of player alpha (Player.Alpha)
  • Fixed a nametag issue if the player spawned with the nametag set off, then had it turned on
  • Fixed frozen vehicles when changing island when they have a driver or a Passenger
  • Fixed some sphere related bugs
  • Added Blip.Colour setting
  • Fixed misc scripting related bugs

Update (02/12/2010)

  • Fixed the linux server updating itself. No longer requires the Updater.bin (Linux only, windows still requires it)
  • Added Player.Collidable to clientside scripts
  • Made Player.Name return a colourless nick, added Player.ColouredNick (useful for GUI stuff)
  • Fixed a small bug with spawn class/screen loading
  • Fixed an argument bug in ScreenPosToWorld
  • Fixed a crash in SetServerName (using it on script load)
  • Added password saving to favourite servers in the browser
  • Fixed a bug with object angles
  • Fixed a bug with spawnscreen when the player was spawned using a script
  • Fixed unable to join the server when setting handling on a specific vehicle

Update (22/12/2010)

  • Fixed sprites crashing when adding them to a window as a child
  • Fixed labels crashing when they contain a single %
  • Fixed a bug with hash table saving
  • Fixed SetPassword
  • Added ToggleCameraMovement
  • Fixed an error with NumTok (also a possible crash)
  • Fixed a few minor sync issues
  • A complete list of new and modified scripting functions in here

Update (11/04/2011)

  • Fixed death messages saying the wrong person who killed you when a script sets your health
  • Done a LOT of optimisations all over the code. Should run better on low-end systems
  • Fixed the aiming offset when using widescreen
  • Fixed numerous problems with the updater and added error messages
  • Added warning dialogs when the GTA3 directory is invalid
  • SCM file is no longer required
  • Added a lot more script functions.
  • Fixed some bugs in custom vehicle handling
  • Fixed entering a vehicle at the same time as another player and jacking them
  • Fixed failed vehicle entry when the driver drives off while you are entering
  • Fixed a random server crash on exit if scripts had been used to spawn vehicles, objects, radar blips etc
  • Fixed a potential crash and a bug in NumTok
  • Fixed player.Vehicle not working if the vehicle is too far away
  • Added a new download dialog with a change log to the browser
  • Players now seek the nearest empty seat when there’s a driver in the car
  • Possibly fixed invisible vehicles when teleporting
  • Added extended ascii support to the GUI
  • Fixed the browser using 100% CPU
  • Synced waves and traffic lights
  • Fixed the master list announcing in the server
  • Fixed vehicle angles being incorrect remotely when seeking a vehicle
  • Enhanced unoccupied vehicle sync slightly
  • Fixed a crash related to the player alpha setting
  • Fixed a standing in vehicle bug
  • Added SQPulse and SQCallback to the Squirrel module SDK
  • A complete list of new and modified scripting functions in here

Update (07/09/2011)

  • Fixed a crash from too many collisions
  • Fixed sliding when walking on objects
  • Fixed cash decreasing by $1000 when dying
  • Fixed a small memory leak in the browser
  • The anti-cheat has been updated to protect against Health and Armour cheats
  • Fixed a bug with vehicles if a script created them on first load
  • Fixed a problem with servers not updating their internal master server list
  • Fixed being able to spam error reports
  • Changed the updater to use the setup file to reduce problems
  • Added forcing Port and IP to the server arguments
  • Fixed weather changing to be more like single player
  • Added trains
  • Added the ability to change the font of GUI buttons
  • Fixed the ban list
  • Fixed crashing on exit when using Xfire
  • Fixed a bug with custom sounds where more than 12 could crash the client
  • Added Windows 7 Jumplists to the browser
  • Added History to the browser
  • Fixed timers crashing the server on Linux
  • Started working on synced vehicle damage, currently only half implemented
  • Fixed setting the sphere position not moving it on screen
  • Added a callback to the module SDK to retrieve a list of built-in squirrel classes (useful for calling class methods from a module)
  • Added more font style options for GUI labels, edit/memoboxes and buttons
  • Added a function for editboxes to mask user input
  • Added functions to move and rotate objects
  • Fixed a bug which caused objects from other islands to lose their collision models when they were spawned on a 'wrong' island
  • A complete list of new and modified scripting functions in here

Update (12/09/2011)

  • Fixed crashing when entering a BF Injection
  • Fixed a random crash in the anti-cheat
  • Fixed client scripts not working for some users
  • Fixed getting stuck in blue hell
  • Fixed being stuck in a train on reconnect
  • Fixed vehicles spawning when standing on boxes and other similar objects
  • Fixed large file downloads freezing the client
  • Added some new train related functions and events, added a train id argument to the existing callbacks
  • A complete list of new and modified scripting functions in here

Update (25/12/2011)

  • Increased the amount of key binds allowed in a client
  • Added a packet for when the player crashes, (includes an ID passed to the scripts)
  • Added missing characters to the GUI
  • Added sorting to the browser
  • Fixed a timer crash
  • Fixed a server crash with client side elements
  • Added ReloadScripts to the Squirrel scripting
  • Changed markers for players so that an arrow can be placed over any player
  • Added blips, (and blips with arrows), to vehicles as a script option
  • Fixed being unable to join passworded servers via the jumplist on Microsoft Windows 7-based computers
  • Fixed a crash in the client, (and display driver), when a large message was typed with the "chatback" feature turned off
  • Fixed logging not working on Linux-based servers
  • Increased the radar blip limit from 127, (originally 32), to 254
  • Fixed a rare crash where a player would be entering a vehicle as it got streamed out
  • Fixed IsNum not recognizing negative numbers
  • Fixed objects being able to be blown up and then fall through the map
  • Added detection for when a vehicle is drowned. (Before it would stay in the water until the idle respawner kicked in)
  • Added -appendname to the server launch arguments to force a string on the end of the server name

Update (08/11/2013)

  • Fixed clients being able to load their own client scripts
  • Added PARTREASON_CRASHED to scripts
  • Fixed not being able to hurt yourself if friendly fire was active
  • UAC now checks the checksum of lu.dll even if it is turned off on the server

Update (09/11/2013)

  • Fixed the server checking for updates every 84000 milliseconds (Changed to 12 hours)
  • Reset health and weapons on reconnect
  • Fixed a crash related to vehicle alpha channels
  • Fixed a buffer overflow
  • Fixed the spawnscreen spamming spawned packets on reconnect
  • Made the crashed packet send as soon as the exception handler displays
  • Cleaned up a lot of memory on disconnect (helps fix reconnect bugs)
  • Fixed sirens and locked states of vehicles being incorrectly set on initial connect and reconnect
  • Fixed dying if /reconnecting while in a vehicle
  • Fixed a crash in the client when removing radar markers
  • Fixed a crash when starting/stopping bad timers
  • Fixed a crash relating to not enough memory for audio objects
  • Fixed editboxes stealing focus from other GUI objects
  • Fixed the password being displayed in editboxes when clicking off and back on to editboxes
  • Fixed a crash with the BF injection when repairing a vehicle out of streaming range of other players then other players trying to enter it
  • Fixed some bugs with handling data
  • Changed the invalid nick character to ?
  • Fixed being able to load client scripts when you shouldn't be (now shouts about checksum mismatch)
  • Fixed BF Injection crash (again)

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