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Welcome to the Liberty Unleashed Wiki

Liberty Unleashed Wiki is web documentation of Liberty Unleashed multiplayer mod. You can find here tutorials (Running client and server), Squirrel functions, callbacks, events and more. Also you can find here list of game resources. If you have time, you can test undocumented functions, events,callbacks and you can write about it or add script example.

Note: The wiki is still under construction, so not everything has been documented yet or some info could be obsolete - we are constantly adding new documentation to get the wiki up-to-date soon!

Thank You

Liberty Unleashed Team

About Liberty Unleashed

Liberty Unleashed is an online multiplayer modification for Grand Theft Auto 3.

Its main goals are to provide players with a great multiplayer experience. Liberty Unleashed does this by giving users pretty much anything that they want out of a GTA3 Multiplayer.

This includes:

  • Custom Vehicle Placements
  • Custom Object Placements
  • Custom Pickup Placements
  • Custom Spawn Points
  • A range of options to modify game related things (Such as time, Weather, Gravity)

Server-side Scripting giving a huge amount of control over the game and players

Main Articles


Scripting and Server Development

ID Documentation

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