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Force's Beginner Scripts
Type Squirrel Scripts
Version 1.0
Author Force
Website Official Thread
Download link FBS

This is the first release of my base scripts for Liberty Unleashed, it provides all the basic commands that you would need for a simple deathmatch server with accounts, spree detection and all the needed commands such as /heal and /wep. You are also able to save your stats and toggle whether or not they get saved. There is also /goto, once again with the option of turning off the ability for players to teleport to you. Lastly there is an inbuilt /report command that will alert all in-game admins of any trouble makers, full list of commands which require a certain level can be changed in 'CommandsList.ini'.

Note: These scripts have been tested to the best standard possible within the LU testing team and are being released in a working state. If you do encounter any problems then let me know in to the official thread so that they can be sorted out as quickly as possible.

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